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  1. patrick mcginley (aka murmer) is an american-born sound, performance, and radio artist who has been based in europe since since then he has been building a collection of found sounds and found objects that has become the basis of all his work. in he founded framework, an organisation that produces a weekly field-recording themed radio show, broad- and podcasting around the world. in.
  2. Murmured definition, a low, continuous sound, as of a brook, the wind, or trees, or of low, indistinct voices. See more.
  3. A Soft Murmur is an online background noise generator designed to help you relax, focus, and tune out unpleasant sounds from your environment.
  4. The sounds your doctor hears using a stethoscope while your heart beats are called heart murmurs. "Innocent" heart murmurs. Innocent heart murmurs are sounds made by blood circulating through the heart’s chambers and valves, or through blood vessels near the heart.
  5. Saradomin's murmur is an amulet emblazoned with the symbol of reusanvingtacodecatsuderwfestbumbro.xyzinfo is one of three amulets dropped by Commander Zilyana and her bodyguards, Growler, Bree, and reusanvingtacodecatsuderwfestbumbro.xyzinfo other two amulets are the Saradomin's whisper, which displays the symbol of Bandos, and the Saradomin's hiss, which displays the symbol of reusanvingtacodecatsuderwfestbumbro.xyzinfo requires 70 Ranged to wear, and provides a 36 ranged bonus.
  6. The Murmer Treatment – our step refinishing process – is the key to a great paint job. Along with our outstanding interior and avionics partner companies, Murmer Aircraft Services can be your one stop shop for complete aircraft refurbishment. The Murmer Treatment.
  7. Chronic town showed they had promise, Murmer delivered. Praise indeed must go to Mitch and Don who's production ideas, understanding love for REM's music and well.. concept.. makes Murmur a great us against the world record. Ok i'm sure you've heard some of it before.. Maybe in the Byrds, or Doors or in art punk bands like Wire, Gang Of Four or /5().
  8. murmur against (someone or something) To mutter, whisper, or grumble in an angry, disgruntled manner about someone or something. We all left the meeting murmuring against the additional hours we'd have to work, but, in the end, what choice did we have? Instead of just murmuring against the boss like you always do, why don't you register a complaint with.
  9. murmur [mer´mer] an auscultatory sound, benign or pathologic, loud or soft, particularly a periodic sound of short duration of cardiac or vascular origin. aortic murmur a sound indicative of disease of the aortic valve. apex murmur (apical murmur) a heart murmur heard over the apex of the heart. arterial murmur one in an artery, sometimes aneurysmal.

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