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3 thoughts to “ Section Dance - Various - Beat Mix 16 (CDr) ”

  1. Personally I am into the faster beat type music. This is a slow lathargic CD. Add two small frisbies to a collection with this one. I also tried Best of Vol2. Outside of the first three songs like Runaway it too is a throwawy in my book. I had some pretty good luck with "dance Mix /5(5).
  2. No one wants to listen to the exact same 1-bar drum loop for 16 bars. It’s boring. Yes, you should have a core drum loop: in most dance music this will be your kick, clap, hat, and maybe toms or other percussion—the sounds that play every bar. But you also want to add material to make the drum loop more interesting.
  3. Dance music works often bear the name of the corresponding dance, e.g. waltzes, the tango, the bolero, the can-can, minuets, salsa, various kinds of jigs and the breakdown. Often it is difficult to know whether the name of the music came first or the name of the dance. Nowadays, The term "dance music" is often used for more c read more.

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