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  1. Tangy foods, like vinegar and lemon juice, have a sharp, acidic flavor. Your salad will taste better if you pour plenty of tangy salad dressing on it.
  2. Adj. {pronounced tan-jee rather than tang-i) Tangy is a word used to describe something that is really busted, dirty and trashy. However tangy is more than this. For a person to be described as tangy they must fit a variety of criteria. 1) they must be really ugly and busted.
  3. Firm and tart, Tangy Green can stand up to baking and tastes great in apple pies. The tartness is also great for salads; because of its higher acid level, it stays fresh longer without browning. Urban Apple® trees are all highly disease resistant selections and are likely to produce fruit in one to two years.
  4. Youngevity Healthy Body Start Pack (Beyond Tangy Tangerine , Osteo FX Powder, Ultimate EFA Plus) (Ships Worldwide) out of 5 stars 9 $ $ 00 ($/Count).
  5. A peculiar, tangy smell was in the air—the smell of burning grass. Time flew apace, and when they came down the hill again from Tangy Point the sky was golden with sunset. As he walked, he breathed deeply of the tangy night air, and sighed with satisfaction. Medium, semihard and tangy.
  6. Define tangy. tangy synonyms, tangy pronunciation, tangy translation, English dictionary definition of tangy. n. 1. A distinctively sharp taste, flavor, or odor, as that of orange juice. 2. A distinctive quality: "Underneath it all was the tang of genuine adventure".
  7. tangy meaning: 1. A tangy flavour is pleasantly strong and sharp: 2. A tangy flavor is pleasantly strong and. Learn more.
  8. Tangy is an orange-yellow cat who resembles the orange fruit, complete with a small green leaf on her head, possibly being stylized hair. Her ears are salmon-pink and red inside. Although her arms and legs appear to be smooth, her face seems rather pitted, giving her more of the appearance of an reusanvingtacodecatsuderwfestbumbro.xyzinfote song: K.K. Island.

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