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  1. Season Three is the third ranked season in League of Legends. The pre-season started on November 20, Season Three patch changes began on December 4, , with patch V, almost four weeks after the release of patch V The new patch introduced the champion Nami, a new set of masteries, the removal, remake and addition of items, the removal of the summoner spells Surge and.
  2. Recently Yoav Barzilay and I upgraded our script for Getting the Last Login time for a user sign in into a Lync pool and it’s client type. we’ve added a new functionality to include the actual server the user is sign-in into within an enterprise pool and its backup servers based on the Get-CsUserPoolInfo cmdlet.. One of the feedbacks we got was that another interesting thing would be to.
  3. RPPM affected by haste will ofc change this proc rate, so if you have around 20% haste you'll find it proc one more time, on average, every 4mins which brings it to 30 (%) or 37 (%) seconds reduction. Formula used to calculate actual cdr in seconds per proc: 10*(1 / (1 + (number of rank 1s) * + (number of rank 2s) * )) - 1).
  4. CDR staff members are available by telephone at /, ext. , by email at [email protected] or by live chat from am until pm CST. If you recently mailed physical items of timely importance, please contact CDR.
  5. The 6 piece Akkahn makes this spell have a 45 second cool-down or 20 seconds up 25 seconds down. % CDR across gear reduces that 45 seconds to 20 seconds and makes it permanent. At % CDR Akarat’s Champion has a s cooldown. This means it will be down for seconds .
  6. Understanding the Date Format in the CDR Database. To select all calls after a certain date, you need to convert the date you want into a value in universal time and in seconds since January 1st, For example, translates to 11/12/00 AM. Use the following procedure to decipher the time stamp. Go to Microsoft Excel.
  7. Build Guide. I will list the mandatory things you have to do to be a descent barb. 1) get IP on ALL your team, from 0 to 15 mins (discussed later on, sometimes u can skip IP).

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